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THURSDAY, MAY 22, 2008

Making Sex Green, or the Bicycle Booty Call

This article may not be appropriate for all audiences. It seems being green is really pervading all realms these days... I read this satirical little article penned by my friend Judah today about the environmental impact of, uh, having sex? He comes to conclusions like monogamy is good for the environment, as are lowered inhibitions. "...between the spermicide, the chemical processes strengthening them and the lubes, the compost is not an option. Not to mention those little foil packs they come in. As far as the green movement is concerned, the nearly 500 million condoms used annually in the US are a menace." "Thus, responsible promiscuity is bad for the environment." (Although I must note that we do support latex and rubber as a sustainable alternative agricultural industry in Southeast Asia, instead of palm expansion. It is a genuinely renewable and sustainable resource). And this one... "Better to use a solar powered vibrator that gets its energy directly from the light without storing it. Best to use your vibe in the sun or with the light on. See, lowered inhibitions are good for the environment." See... all this stuff you never even thought of! Living green can be so complicated.

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