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Maruchan Commitment Falls Short

Maruchan Commitment Falls Short

People all over the world are calling on Maruchan, and its parent company Toyo Suisan, to adopt a truly responsible palm oil policy.

As a major user of palm oil in its instant noodles, Maruchan needs to be a leader and ensure that its products don’t destroy rainforests or the communities who depend on them. Please use the numbers below to raise your voice for forests and forest-dependent communities.

If you’re an English speaking activist, call the US office at: (949)-789-2300 line #2 consumer affairs

If you’re a Spanish speaking activist, call the Mexican office at: 52 55 5669 1794

If you’re a Japanese speaking activist, call the Japanese office at: 0120 181 874 or 03 3458 3333

Here is a simple script that you can use for calling Maruchan:


“Hi, My name is [your name], from [your city]. I’m a [mom, student, etc]. Marchuan is falling behind its peers and is at risk of using Conflict Palm Oil.

Your company has taken the first step by publishing a new palm oil commitment, but this falls short of what is needed.

Maruchan can not rely on the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) to cut Conflict Palm Oil from its supply chain. The RSPO is an inadequate certification system that permits the destruction of rainforests, peatlands, and has a poor track record of upholding the rights of local communities and workers.

In order to be a true leader Maruchan must adopt a truly responsible time-bound palm
oil policy that sets a higher standard than the RSPO and cut its ties with bad actors that clear rainforests, peatlands and abuse the rights of communities and workers in the palm oil sector.”


"Hola, soy [su nombre ] , de [ su ciudad] . Soy [ madre , estudiante, etc] . Marchuan se está quedando atrás de sus compañeros al arriesgarse en usar indiscriminadamente el aceite de palma.  

La empresa ha dado el primer paso con la publicación de un nuevo compromiso de uso de aceite de palma , pero no está a la altura de lo que se necesita para cumplir.  

Maruchan no puede basarse en la certificación otorgada por la Mesa Redonda sobre el aceite de palma sostenible o ( RSPO ) para prevenir el uso indiscriminado de aceite de palma en su cadena de suministro. La RSPO es un sistema de certificación inadecuado que permite la destrucción de las selvas tropicales , turberas , y tiene un pobre historial de defensa de los derechos de las comunidades y los trabajadores locales.  

Para ser un verdadero líder, Maruchan debe adoptar una politica de aciete de palma con plazos verdaderamente responsable que establece un estándar más alto que la RSPO y cortar sus lazos con los malos actores que destruyen las selvas tropicales, turberas y abusan de los derechos de las comunidades y los trabajadores en el sector del aceite de palma."

It’s so easy and only takes a moment!

Once you make the call, please let us know how it went by filling out the info on the right.

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