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Massive Klamath “Salvage” Timber Sale Proposed

Massive Klamath “Salvage” Timber Sale Proposed

Timber planners on the Klamath National Forest are exploiting last summer’s wildfires to push an extreme logging proposal that calls for clearcutting old-growth reserves in key salmon strongholds.

Please stand with conservation groups, native tribes, watershed councils and fire ecologists to oppose the Forest Service rush to log at any cost.

The backbone of the Northwest Forest Plan is the idea that some special places would be set aside from logging while timber would be produced where logging would do the least harm.

The Klamath National Forest is hoping to throw out the rulebook by logging protected reserves to protect old-growth forests and geological reserves that prohibit logging on landslides and unstable slopes.

Ask the Forest Service to follow their own rules that protect important wildlands, wildlife and watersheds.

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