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Part 6 of our 7 part blog series that tell the unique and inspiring stories of RAN’S various Palm Oil Action Leaders continues with Shannen Casey, a Leader based in Los Angeles, CA. In this blog we learn what her vision is for her work as a Palm Oil Action Leader and activist. If you live in the Los Angeles area and feel inspired by Shannen’s story, sign up to work with her by clicking the sign-up link at the bottom of the page!

Shannen Casey, 22, Los Angeles, CA

ShannenBlogPhoto.jpgShannen possesses an innate desire to be a voice and take action for those who are unable to do so themselves, which moved her to apply for the the Palm Oil Action Leaders Summit. The Summit was both an educational and motivating experience for Shannen. She was able to acquire a wide array of skills that she now can apply to her work and be a more effective campaigner, such as social media, recruitment, and project planning tools. Simultaneously, she was surrounded by experienced campaigners and a group of peers who were just as dedicated as she is to creating positive change.

These two experiences gave Shannen the drive to return home and pursue her passion of being a leading force in making a difference for social and environmental justice movements in her community. As a community organizer, she wants to utilize the large population of progressive minded individuals in the Los Angeles area and mobilize them to make a difference together, as she is aware of the significant impact people can have when many work together as a unified force. Shannen realizes that we have the advantage of being humans living in a developed country, and we should use this advantage to stand up for the people, animals and forests that are unable to do so themselves.

Ultimately, the impact Shannen wants to make as a Palm Oil Action Leader is to inform and educate the local populace in her community on issues associated with Conflict Palm Oil, so they can collectively instigate corporate reform. She stands by her belief that the more consumers who stand together on this issue, the more powerful the impact and likelihood that it will produce a rippling effect of positive change across the industry.

In addition to her work as a Palm Oil Action Leader, Shannen is active in various environmental movements in her community such as the Anti-Fracking movement, and is also working towards her goal of becoming a personal vegan chef. Shannen’s desire to spread love, laughter, and protect our earth is truly inspiring, and we are very thankful to have her working with us to fight Conflict Palm Oil.

Do you live in the Los Angeles area and want to work with Shannen to fight Conflict Palm Oil? She’s planning a call-in event on the Venice Boardwalk on August 15th to help drive calls into Sara Lee. Folks will be dressed up in costume and holding creative banners for photo petitions-- you won’t want to miss it!


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