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Making Sure Michael Kors Gets Your Message

For over a year now, Rainforest Action Network has been calling attention to the egregious human rights abuses and rainforest destruction in the supply chain for wood-based fabrics. While some companies are starting to take notice—other companies are lagging behind.

Michael Kors is one of those Fashion 15 companies that is failing to take action. The company returned our letters, and has even blocked your emails—so today we took the message directly to them, by delivering tens of thousands of petition signatures to the company’s new flagship San Francisco store.

Today, a team of activists, including myself, staged a protest to call out Michael Kors for refusing to take action.


When we attempted to deliver your petition signatures, the manager refused to even take the binder. She claimed that there's nothing she could do on a store or district level, except for pass the message along. Minutes after we left the store, she came outside to take photos of our protest, photos which we can only assume will very easily find their way up the line at Michael Kors.

Carrying placards and a banner, our team canvassed the bustling lunchtime crowd—thousands of people shopping, out for lunch, or here in San Francisco for the Dreamforce conference. We engaged with people and urged them to send a message to Michael Kors: rainforest destruction and human rights abuses don’t belong in clothing.


While the manager today refused to accept our petitions and the company has blocked your emails, they can't hide from the thousands demanding real action to protect people and forests.

Want to add your voice? Take action now to demand change at Michael Kors.

We know they block your emails, so we are asking that you go to their Facebook and Twitter account:

Post to Michael Kors Facebook Page!
You could say something like:

Michael Kors, enough is enough! Thousands have written to demand you ensure your fabrics are free of deforestation and human rights abuses. While others in the industry move, your company is falling behind.

Take a stand for forests now and commit to the deforestation-free products that consumers demand!

Tweet at Michael Kors! 
.@MichaelKors, 1000's ask you get deforestation & human rights abuses #OutOfFashion! Will you listen? #AutumnLuxe


Rainforest Action Network uses people power to challenge business as usual.

Join Us.

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  • Karen Brokken
    commented 2015-09-16 16:32:20 -0700
    Okay I posted on Micheal Kors facebook page and again in the comments section under other posts. And I retweeted the Tweet. But I don’t understand why I’m doing this. Rainforest destruction and species extinction is 10X more due to Animal Agriculture than fashion or palm oil. Why stop a faucet drip when doing NOTHING to stop the gushing water out of the broken sewer main. I’m tired of this planet destroying hypocrisy. I give no money to organizations that do absolutely nothing to address the greatest environmental threat, that of animal agriculture. I will reconsider how I use my time taking action on social media as well. 26 million rainforest acres (10.8m hectares) have been cleared for palm oil production. [ix]
    “Indonesia: palm oil expansion unaffected by forest moratorium.” USDA Foreign Agricultural Service. 2013.

    136 million rainforest acres cleared for animal agriculture.

    214,000 square miles occupied by cattle (136 million acres)