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National Organizing Outreach Leader (SF)

Protect tropical rainforests and campaign to transform our food system while learning valuable skills as a Rainforest Action Network (RAN) Outreach Leader (volunteer position)

Why volunteer with RAN?

Channel your passion into an effective campaign that transforms America’s snack food industry
Halt the destruction of our planet’s last ancient forests
Save orangutans from extinction
Stop the oppression of Indigenous communities and forest peoples
Empower supporters and activists across the country to take action
Learn valuable skills – campaign planning, time management, research, grassroots organizing, strategic thinking, and so much more
Rainforest Action Network (RAN) was founded with the belief that a sustainable and just world can and must be created in our lifetime, and that it will take individuals and communities standing together to confront corporate power to get us there. Through education, grassroots organizing and nonviolent direct action, RAN’s campaigns focus on catalyzing market and investment pressure to transform corporate and government policies and behavior in support of forests, the climate and human rights.

In our twenty-seven years of working to support forests and forest peoples, RAN has won major corporate policy changes that have transformed the home building, food product, automobile, oil, paper and banking industries. Through our two program areas, Forests, and Energy and Finance, RAN is currently working to change the policies of the global agribusinesses and pulp and paper industries in order to stop deforestation and the oppression of forest peoples, and is tackling the world’s dirtiest fossil fuels, coal and oil, and the leading banks that make their expansion possible, to address the root causes of climate change. For more information on the nature of the campaigns, you can visit

Working directly with our Rainforest Agribusiness National Organizer and Palm Oil Campaigner, outreach leaders will develop organizing skills by engaging RAN Palm Oil Activists across the nation and mobilizing them to take action. The National Organizing Program aims to break the link between the palm oil in America’s snack foods and rainforest destruction, orangutan extinction and human rights and labor abuses.

As a RAN National Organizing Outreach Leader, you not only get to work on a daily basis with experienced campaigners and program staff, but you will also get the opportunity to participate in trainings led by staff such as campaign issue briefings, communications/media skills, and coaching/organizing skills trainings.

RAN's National Organizing Outreach Leader positions provide "hands-on-learning" about our brand of corporate campaigning for the forests, climate and human rights as well as direct experience working in a non-profit office. Besides learning about the diverse aspects of RAN’s Agribusiness campaign,you will have the opportunity to participate in interdepartmental meetings and campaign planning retreats that will give you insight into RAN as a whole.

Many RAN volunteers have later obtained employment with RAN and at a wide range of social justice and environmental organizations.

National Organizing Outreach Leader applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. We are flexible with working out a schedule and are looking for people who can contribute 15-30 hours per week for 6 months

Volunteers must be atleast 18 years of age.

In this position, Outreach leaders will be mentored and supported by campaign staff with mandatory weekly check-ins to assess priorities and progress as well as regular performance feedback evaluations to ensure the outreach leader is thriving and growing his/her skill base to his/her satisfaction.

All volunteer positions are unpaid, and volunteers are responsible for covering their own housing. A travel stipend is provided for each day public transit is used to get to the office.

In coalition with Indigenous communities and allies from around the world, RAN uses non-violent direct action, grassroots organizing, education, and strategic communications to challenge corporations to phase out destructive operations, respect human rights, and adopt comprehensive policies that mitigate their contributions to global warming. RAN values diversity, educates staff on issues including privilege and oppression, and integrates these values into all of our work. We are seeking volunteers who have a commitment to engage in this process and work with us to create a just, inclusive, and sustainable work environment and world. RAN provides all people with equal employment and volunteer opportunities.

Please send a resume and cover letter in which you describe a project you have worked on that will help us understand your interest and qualifications. Applications can be emailed to (please put National Organizing Outreach Leader in the subject line of your email). No phone calls please.

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