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Nebraska State Supreme Court settles the issue of the pipeline’s legality; President Obama vetoes pro-Keystone XL legislation; pressure continues to mount on the president to make a final decision

In January of 2015, President Obama vows to veto attempts by Republicans (and some Democrats) in Congress to force approval of the pipeline by circumventing the State Department review process. A few days later, the Nebraska Supreme Court finds the Nebraska Keystone route is legal, settling the question that was delaying the White House’s decision. On the heels of the Nebraska court ruling, anti-Keystone XL activists hold #RejectKXL rallies in all 50 states calling on the president to reject Keystone once and for all. In early February, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency submits comments to the U.S. State Department stating that building Keystone XL and further developing tar sands would add significantly to climate change. On February 24th, President Obama vetoes legislation that would have forced approval of Keystone XL, citing his commitment to letting the State Department review process play out.




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