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No More Human Trafficking

Mohammad Rubel was a victim of modern day slavery. A Wall Street Journal reporter found him working on Malaysian palm oil giant Felda Global Venture’s plantations seven days a week without pay after being trafficked from Bangladesh. Sadly, Mohammad’s story is just one of many exploited workers in Malaysia’s palm oil industry, which has become notorious for forced labor conditions.

Send your message now! Tell the Snack Food 20 companies that you demand an end to modern day slavery and Conflict Palm Oil.

Malaysian palm oil giant IOI Group took an important step today to adopt a public No Fees policy and committed to returning all workers’ passports. This is big news but we can’t let it end there. We must make sure that all Malaysian palm oil companies adopt a No Fees policy and return passports to their workers immediately.

We can do this by demanding PepsiCo, Nestle, Mars, Mondelez, Hershey’s and the rest of the Snack Food 20 companies require their palm oil suppliers do the same.

Send your message now - no more modern day slavery or worker exploitation for Conflict Palm Oil!

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Subject: End Modern Day Slavery in Palm Oil Now

To the Snack Food 20:

Malaysian palm oil giant IOI Group announced three major labor policies, committing to no longer charge recruitment fees to its workers, respect Freedom of Association and strive towards paying a living wage. These policies collectively set a new standard in an industry that has been repeatedly exposed for labor rights violations and worker exploitation.

But these policies alone will not end modern day slavery and worker exploitation in the palm oil industry. Doing so depends on the actions of your company.

Foreign migrant workers who comprise the vast majority of the workforce on Malaysian palm oil plantations usually have their passports seized upon arrival and are often charged large recruitment fees by third-party labor brokers. This indebtedness and limitations on their freedom of movement amount to conditions of modern day slavery.

Ending modern day slavery and worker exploitation requires all Snack Food 20 companies to obligate their palm oil suppliers to adopt and implement the same standards of No Recruitment Fees and the right to Freedom of Association and a Living Wage.

No More Human Trafficking

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