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Palm Oil Ambassadors: Noodle Company Call-in Day Action Toolkit!

Palm Oil Ambassadors: Noodle Company Call-in Day Action Toolkit!

The average package of Ramen Noodles is a whopping 20% Palm Oil (by weight) ...that’s a LOT of Conflict Palm Oil, but leading ramen noodle companies Nissin and Maruchan (which sells 67% of the instant noodles consumed in the US!) are lagging far behind the other companies in the Snack Food 20. In the last two years of the Conflict Palm Oil Campaign, neither company has responded to RAN’s demands that they eliminate the Conflict Palm Oil in their supply chains.

This is where you come in, and where we come together to demand change for the forests, communities and animals being harmed for Conflict Palm Oil production.

Starting on June 22nd, RAN Palm Oil Ambassadors and Leaders will be organizing call-in day events outside local grocery stores or at other busy public spaces/events to pressure Maruchan and Nissin to cut Conflict Palm Oil from their supply chains. Your call-in day event will be part of a wave of actions around the world that week, and our goal is produce enough pressure on Nissin and Maruchan decision makers that they begin to take steps toward creating robust Conflict Palm Oil policies.

Thanks for being a part of the ramen noodle call-in day action! Below is a How-to guide for organizing your event.

Get started:

Once you’ve ordered your call cards (These cards will have the phone numbers and call scripts that you’ll need to generate calls to the companies. Order them in the form to the right.)

  1. Choose a day (June 22-July 22), time (2-3 hours), and location or event where you’ll ask people to make phone calls to Nissin and Maruchan. Mark your calendar!
  2. Recruit a few friends to join you and set goal together for how many calls you’d like to generate to Nissin and Maruchan (5 calls per hour/per person is a great rate. So collectively, if you’ve got 3 people asking for calls for 3 hours, a great goal would be 45 phone calls to the companies).
  3. Practice asking folks to make a call with your friends before you head out to your location (think about what kinds of questions people might ask you ahead of time). Even if it feels a little silly, practicing asking someone to stop and make a phone call ahead of time will make it go much smoother once you’re out in the world asking folks to take action with you!

Action Time:

  • Ask folks to call on the spot: We’ll send you 20 call script postcards per activist participating in the action. This means that you shouldn’t hand the cards out to everyone who asks, but rather ask people to stop and make a call with you on the spot.

  • Get Creative! Sometimes having a playful element like a banner, posters or costume helps break the ice when you are asking strangers to make a phone call. Feel free to get as creative as you’d like with this!

Thanks for your incredible activism. As always, feel free to email Jess Serrante at with any questions.