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Olympic Destruction

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic organizers and the International Olympic Committee must be absolutely sure that the companies they buy from aren’t responsible for species extinction.

Endangered Species on Podiums

Sun bears, clouded leopards, and orangutans are just a few of the world’s rarest animals threatened by deforestation.

Already, a huge amount of rainforest timber has been used in the construction of a new stadium and multiple sports venues and we know that the Olympics have sourced wood from Korindo, a company that cuts down rainforest in some of the most diverse tropical ecosystems in the world.

Help us deliver 25,000 petitions demanding that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics organizers stop building stadiums and venues from rainforest destruction, address the negative impacts they have had, and strengthen their sourcing policy so this never happens again!

Let them know the world is watching.


To IOC President Bach and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Organising Committee,

I am extremely concerned about the Olympics’ continued exploitation of rainforests for the construction of Olympic venues in Tokyo. There is nothing sustainable about sourcing wood from the habitat of endangered orangutans or other valuable ecosystems. The reputation and legacy of the Olympics is at stake unless you strengthen your timber sourcing standards, and make absolutely sure that all wood products used for the Olympics are legal and sustainable. It’s time you cut ties with any supplier found to be destroying vital rainforests.

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Olympic Destruction