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The Olympics vs. the Orangutan

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics are likely built on the backs of endangered species. That’s because the very timber being used to build the Olympic venues is being sourced from Indonesia’s rainforests. So much for being “one of the most sustainable Olympics yet.”

Already, over 130,000 sheets of rainforest plywood have been used during the construction of a brand new stadium and multiple sports venues, and we know that the Olympics have sourced wood from Korindo, a timber company that cuts down rainforest in some of the most diverse tropical ecosystems in the world.

In fact, this same timber giant is sourcing from the habitat of the critically endangered Bornean orangutan and causing devastation elsewhere in Indonesia’s rainforests, including in North Maluku, the only home of the world’s largest bee, the masked flying fox, and an adorable little marsupial called a cuscus.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic organizers and the International Olympic Committee must be absolutely sure that the companies they source from aren’t responsible for species extinction.

Tell the Olympic organizers and the International Olympic Committee that they must cut ties with rainforest destroyers like Korindo and protect these amazing forests and creatures.

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