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MONDAY, JULY 06, 2009

Orangutans Visit Cargill Hometown for July 4

Four RAN activists, two dressed in orangutan costumes,  spoke to hundreds of neighbors at a fourth of July celebration in Wayzata, Minnesota to call attention to Cargill’s role in rainforest destruction.  Cargill, one of the world's largest privately-held companies, is also the largest importer of palm oil in the U.S.  Palm oil is the leading driver of rainforest destruction in Southeast Asia. Wayzata, home to the Cargill headquarters, is a small suburb outside of Minneapolis. Neighbors there were receptive to the leafletters and requested more information.  The orangutans handed out over 200 postcards and captive families gathered around to learn about palm oil’s destruction of rainforests.  Some signed the postcards, which will be gathered and brought to Cargill executives at a later date. Said one of the orangutans from Minneapolis:  “The U.S. leader of rainforest destruction is right in our backyard.  We’re here to let Cargill’s neighbors know about it.  We look forward to continuing our awareness-raising efforts in Wayzata.” To learn more about Cargill’s role in rainforest destruction, please visit

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