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Does your clothing contain rainforest destruction?

The fashion industry has a dirty secret—forests across the world are being destroyed to make fabrics we wear every day. It’s shocking but true! Popular fabrics—like rayon, viscose, and modal—are all made from trees. Every year, more than 120 million trees are cut down to make our clothing.


Learn more in this short video:

For decades frontline and Indigenous communities in Indonesia and around the world have relied on rainforests to support their lives and provide their livelihoods. These forests are being cut down and replaced by monocrop tree plantations, which are processed into wood-based fabrics. Protecting these rainforests, is critical to ensuring  human rights, endangered ecosystems, and our global climate. 

Forest destruction for fabric has to stop. RAN’s Out of Fashion campaign works closely with frontline communities in Indonesia, concerned consumers in the U.S., and business leaders across the world to demand that the fashion industry commits to getting rainforest destruction and human rights abuses out of our clothing.


Our efforts are working! Thanks to frontline community resistance and supporters like you, fashion companies have made policy promises to eliminate human rights abuses and forest destruction from their supply chains. Today over 100 brands globally have adopted policies, including Out of Fashion targets Ralph Lauren, Victoria’s Secret (L Brands), and Abercrombie & Fitch.