PepsiCo: Stop Partnering in Deforestation and Exploitation!

Help us deliver a message to PepsiCo’s key decision makers:

It’s time for PepsiCo to stop partnering with Conflict Palm Oil companies driving worker exploitation and rainforest destruction and to adopt a leading palm oil policy.

Our goal is to deliver 100,000 messages to PepsiCo’s executives — will you stand with us?

To PepsiCo CEO Mr. Ramon Laguarta:

As a concerned consumer, I am writing to demand PepsiCo fulfill its commitment to no deforestation and no exploitation for palm oil.

Right now, PepsiCo continues to maintain a business partnership with Indofood, a company notorious for violating the human rights of its workers and destroying rainforests and peatlands. By remaining in partnership with Indofood, PepsiCo is complicit in this exploitation.

I’m calling on PepsiCo to end its relationship with Indofood and adopt a leading palm oil procurement policy to ensure that all PepsiCo products sold globally are produced without deforestation, without the destruction of peatlands, and without the violation of human rights.

There is no more time for delays. Please show global leadership on sustainability by urgently cleaning up PepsiCo’s palm oil supply chain and ending business with Indofood.