Urgent Action to Halt Destruction of Tripa Peatland

Add your name! Palm oil giants Wilmar and GAR must stop the destruction of the Tripa peatland!

A new RAN investigation has caught a Conflict Palm Oil Culprit red handed for forest clearance and peat drainage canals in the "orangutan capital of the world.” This destruction must stop.

The Tripa peatland, part of the Leuser Ecosystem and home to Sumatran orangutans, holds massive amounts of carbon that, safely stored in the ground, helps to avert catastrophic climate change. Yet, despite its conservation value and a government-led moratorium aimed to protect rainforests and peatlands, it is currently being destroyed for Conflict Palm Oil.

The culprit is PT. Dua Perkasa Lestari: a controversial company that has been driving the destruction and burning of Tripa’s forests and peatlands for years. The company was previously taken to court by the government of Indonesia for illegal burning of peatlands in Tripa.

Our investigations found that palm oil fruit produced by PT. DPL was sold to a nearby mill owned by PT. Raja Marga, which has supplied to palm oil giants Wilmar and Golden Agri-Resources (GAR).

Two years ago RAN exposed the links between Wilmar and GAR and Conflict Palm Oil Culprits responsible for the destruction of the rainforests and peatlands in the Leuser Ecosystem. This latest investigation shows that neither company has taken strong enough action to stop the destruction inside the Leuser Ecosystem.

Urgent intervention is needed to shut down PT. Dua Perkasa Lestari and protect and restore the Tripa peatland.

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Full documentation of the destruction in Tripa can be found here.

Watch and share the investigative video showing this destruction.

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