Demand Office Depot, Penguin Random House and Askul Keep Their Promises

A promise is only good if it’s kept. Thanks to your pressure, major brands have made commitments to protect forests and communities by eliminating the risk of human rights abuses and forest destruction from their products.

However, our new report shows that three major companies are not doing enough to keep their promises: major office supply company, Office Depot; Penguin Random House, the world’s largest publishing house; and Askul, Japan’s largest paper company.

These three major brands’ inability to keep their commitments has real impact on Indonesia’s forests and the lives of people in frontline communities. People power forced companies to commit to change and now we need your help to ensure they keep those promises.

Take action to demand that Office Depot, Penguin Random House and Askul keep their promises to make a real difference for forests and human rights.

For more information, read our new report: Beyond Paper Promises: Assessing the impacts of corporate pulp and paper commitments on forests and frontline communities

This report uses an in-depth survey to measure how well brand-name pulp and paper companies are doing in implementing their policies, identifying key leaders and laggards in the ongoing fight to protect forests and the communities that depend on them.

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