The Olympics Must Protect Rainforests

Olympic organizers must do the right thing and take responsibility for the tragic damage that’s been done to tropical rainforests in building the Olympic stadium and venues:

  • Admit their sourcing was unsustainable
  • Commit to protect the rainforests from here on out, and
  • Allow the investigation into their sourcing practices to go forward!

Join us in demanding the Olympics do better!


Keep your promise, protect the rainforests!

To the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Organizers,

I am deeply saddened and disappointed that you continue to deny responsibility for the harm you have caused to rainforests in constructing the Olympic venues.

There is nothing sustainable about sourcing wood linked to the destruction of habitat for endangered orangutans and vital tropical ecosystems found nowhere else on Earth.

As representatives of the Olympic tradition, you have a mandate to uphold its deepest cherished values. This includes “promoting a peaceful society concerned with the preservation of human dignity.” I fear that, in the interest of costs, you have compromised that tradition by sourcing wood from a company that knowingly destroyed rainforests and people's livelihoods.

The reputation and legacy of the Olympics is at stake unless you lead by example and take responsibility for past mistakes.

You made a promise to source sustainable, legal timber for the Olympics and, I believe, there is sufficient evidence to show you failed that promise. Please, allow the investigations to proceed and commit to do better going forward.

Healthy rainforests are critical for a healthy planet. Please do what you can to protect them both.