Tell MUFG Bank:
make your policy mean something!

You helped create this momentum; let’s keep going! 

This year, our actions and your voices made a big impression on the world’s fifth largest bank, MUFG, the parent company of Union Bank: they promised to better protect forests, human rights and the climate.

But it’s falling waaaay short of its policy promises: MUFG continues to bankroll Conflict Palm Oil, species extinction, and climate chaos. Ugh!

Call on MUFG to finish what it started and show the world what it means to be a true leader.

MUFG, despite major improvements to your policy, your bank remains linked to rainforest destruction, worker exploitation, and human rights violations through your relationship with Conflict Palm Oil companies like Indofood; and you remain the seventh largest global financier of all fossil fuels including Enbridge, the company behind the climate-destroying Line 3 tar sands pipeline that’s disrespecting Indigenous rights. 

We global citizens call on you to:

  1. Adopt an explicit “No Deforestation, No Peatland, No Exploitation” (NDPE) standard for forest-risk commodities, 
  2. Commit to a Paris Agreement aligned phase out of all fossil fuel financing, starting with no more financing for fossil fuel expansion,
  3. Fully respect all human rights, particularly workers’ rights and the rights of Indigenous Peoples,
  4. Verify whether the companies you finance are upholding your bank's values and commitments, and
  5. Halt relationships with those that are undermining our sustainable future.