The People vs. Fossil Fuel Corporations

Who do you think deserves a bailout: YOU or the fossil fuel industry? We have a say in where our hard-earned tax dollars go during these particularly trying times: Do we want billions of dollars to flow into the coffers of the fossil fuel industry, so they can keep taking pieces out of our planet and years off of our lives? Or do we want that money back in our hands, supporting our communities, at the time we need it most.

Help us stop Congress from bailing out a dying industry and demand they use our savings to help us weather this storm.

I urge you to act!

Right now, we have the chance to build a better future. One without climate chaos or systemic racism. We can’t let fossil fuel billionaires get bailed out with public money, while vulnerable communities and workers still lack essential protections and financial support in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

The ReWIND Act is a bill to stop a public bailout of corporate polluters, at a time when it’s critical to prioritize those most impacted by COVID-19.

The ReWIND Act would stop the fossil fuel industry from getting bailed out with stimulus money, stop Trump from expanding the Strategic Petroleum Reserve or waiving royalty rates, stop Wall Street banks from bailing out distressed oil and gas companies, and stop new fossil fuel leasing and deregulation during the pandemic, and more.

I urge you to join the ReWIND Act as a cosponsor to stand with working people, not big polluters.

While the REWIND Act is crucial, it is just one piece of building the future we need. Going forward, I urge you to support the Green New Deal and the BREATHE Act.