Nestlé took the first big step; now it’s time for Mars, Mondelēz, and Ferrero to follow its lead.

Candy corporations aren’t doing enough to end rainforest destruction in their candy, chocolate, and sweet treats. 

Land is stolen from Indigenous and local communities, rainforests are destroyed, fires spew carbon pollution into the atmosphere, and critical wildlife habitat is fractured. All so candymakers can get cheap ingredients for a huge profit. 

It’s time to hold these candy giants accountable for driving deforestation and human rights abuses! Together, we can move the entire industry to stop destroying and keep forests standing!

Your competitors are moving, it’s time to disclose your forest footprint

To Mars, Mondelēz, and Ferrero: The world’s climate is at a perilous tipping point and protecting forests is a critical element to any real solution. Yet forests, and the communities at the frontlines of forest destruction, are increasingly under threat. Holiday season after holiday season, your company still has not come clean to consumers about its forest footprint and shown that your candy will be made without forest and peatland destruction and human rights abuses.

I call on your company to immediately investigate and disclose the footprint of your supply chains and investments on global forests, peatlands, and Indigenous Peoples and frontline communities.

Please show the world that your company is taking the urgent climate, biodiversity, and human rights crisis seriously. You can only stop deforestation and exploitation if you understand the impact of your company’s sourcing. We still have a chance to keep forests standing, but there is no time to waste.