Candymakers: No time for hollow promises

From Sweet Tarts to Kinder Joy eggs, to nibbling the ears off of the big chocolate bunnies, kids of all ages love their Easter treats - and there’s one ingredient most of them have in common: Conflict Palm Oil. But we want our kids (and, umm, us) to enjoy these treats without having to do elaborate research to make sure our candy isn’t driving destruction.

Tell the candy giants we have no time for promises hollow as their chocolate Easter bunnies: Stop sourcing cheap Conflict Palm Oil and finally end the cycle of destruction for our Easter treats now!

To the CEOs of Ferrero, Mondelēz, and Mars:

Your competitors are moving, it’s time to take bold action to protect forests and the climate.

The communities at the front lines of forest destruction are increasingly under threat. Your company continues to profit but your inaction on human rights, deforestation, and climate change is costing the entire planet. Your company still has not come clean to consumers about its forest footprint and shown that your candy will be made without forest and peatland destruction and human rights abuses.

I call on your company to immediately investigate and disclose the footprint of your supply chains and investments on global forests, peatlands, and Indigenous Peoples and frontline communities.

Please show the world that your company is taking the urgent climate, biodiversity, and human rights crisis seriously. You can only stop deforestation and exploitation if you understand the impact of your company’s sourcing. We still have a chance to keep forests standing, but there is no time to waste.