Show Liberty Mutual Our Ad Makeover

Liberty Mutual dishes out a whopping $435 million on advertising EVERY year telling you to “only pay for what you need” — but they’re NOT telling you about the climate damage they cause every year.

So we decided to set the record straight and give Liberty’s ads a makeover to reveal their dirty climate and human rights record. Will you share on Twitter or Facebook so Liberty can’t ignore its role in the climate crisis?

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Suggested Facebook text: Hey @LibertyMutualInsurance 📢  We fixed your ads for you! You’re supposed to protect us from disasters, but instead you’re insuring fossil fuel projects that create more frequent and devastating wildfires, hurricanes, floods, and heatwaves, and endanger our communities 😠  Stop insuring fossil fuels and start insuring our future. #InsureOurFuture #LiMuEmu

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