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Chase: Say
Goodbye to Gazprom

Fossil fuel companies like Gazprom, Saudi Aramco and Exxon are at the heart of this crisis — causing the climate crisis and fueling war. Gazprom — the Russian oil and gas giant — is one of the greatest sources of wealth to Russia. JPMorgan Chase is the world’s worst global banker of fossil fuels, and the #1 global banker of Gazprom.

By cutting off funding to Gazprom, Chase could help end the financing of the war on Ukraine. As a leading bank, Chase can signal an end to oil and gas expansion and move the world away from the deadly fossil fuel era. 

BP and Shell have already announced they are exiting joint venture partnerships with Gazprom. So let's tell Chase loud and clear: It’s time to sever ALL financial ties to Gazprom!​

JPMorgan Chase
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Investment Bank CEO
JP Morgan Chase
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