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Tell Chase to end Fossil Fuel Expansion NOW

Since the Paris agreement, Chase has poured $382 BILLION into financing fossil fuel projects. We won't stand for the irreparable damage that these projects continue to wreak on people and the planet.

Sign the petition below, demanding Chase divest from fossil fuel expansion and defund climate chaos.


To CEO Jamie Dimon and JPMorgan Chase Executives, 

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)’s special report on 1.5°C, we have less than ten years to halve emissions in order to stave off the worst effects of the climate crisis. Given this urgency, it is unacceptable that JPMorgan Chase is continuing to pour tens of billions of dollars into dirty fossil fuel projects and companies, a total of $382 billion in the last 6 years alone. 

Your bank remains the world’s biggest banker of fossil fuels, and we have a set of clear demands for you: 

  • Immediately end support for expansion of fossil fuels, because potential emissions from oil, gas and coal reserves already in production more than exhaust a 2°C carbon budget, let alone 1.5°C; 

  • Phase out support for fossil fuels, starting immediately, on a 1.5°C-aligned timeline; 

  • End support for deforestation, across all forest-risk commodities; and

  • Immediately end support for projects and companies that are implicated in abuses of human rights, especially Indigenous rights. 

These are necessary steps for aligning the bank with a world in which climate change is limited to 1.5°C and human rights are fully respected. 

Judged against this benchmark, the bank’s 2030 targets are clearly inadequate. Reductions in carbon intensity is totally incompatible with expansion of fossil fuels and increases in absolute emissions, during the decade when we need to cut absolute emissions in half. 

We are now in the decisive decade for the climate, and we need to see meaningful policies NOW.