Nissin's Top Ramen Comes Dead Last

Nissin scored an embarrassing “F” in our latest evaluation — “F” as in: FAILing to protect rainforests, FAILing to protect endangered species, FAILing our global climate and FAILing to uphold human rights. Nissin likes to present itself as a sustainability leader, but it uses tons of Conflict Palm Oil in its instant noodles.

Let’s deliver thousands of petitions to Nissin with a clear message: Take the “flop” out of Top Ramen!

To Nissin Foods:

Nissin has once again received an “F” on deforestation and human rights on RAN’s scorecard. This should perhaps come as no surprise, because Nissin only committed to phasing out deforestation and human rights abuses in its supply chains by 2030 — an unacceptable delay that continues to wreak havoc on humanity’s remaining rainforests, our global climate and indigenous and local communities.

We demand that Nissin put its palm oil policy into action NOW, not in 2030, by:

1. Developing and publishing a binding, time-bound plan immediately to ensure Nissin products are free of Conflict Palm Oil from its supply chain way before 2030;

2. Disclosing Nissin’s full list of palm oil suppliers and demonstrating enforcement of the new commitment; and

3. Demonstrating enforcement of the new commitment via establishing a new system to monitor and independently verify Nissin suppliers’ adherence to its policy.

4. Taking all the actions detailed in our Keep Forests Standing scorecard to improve its "F" grade, starting with revising Nissin Foods group procurement policy to require "No Deforestation, No Peatland and No Exploitation” (NDPE) for all forest-risk commodities​.

Nissin's current approach of sourcing RSPO “Mass balance” palm oil — a mix of certified and untraceable controversial palm oil — does not fully address deforestation or human rights, and the RSPO’s assurance systems cannot yet be trusted.  

Nissin is one of the world’s leading food brands as the inventor of instant ramen; it’s time for Nissin to become a true leader in defending forests and human rights.