CGF: Drop Asia Pulp and Paper

Asia Pulp and Paper has used physical violence, intimidation and food-crop destruction to displace Indigenous communities in Indonesia. Yet Asia Pulp and Paper remains a Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) member in good standing — a corporate collective that claims to care about human rights. Help us get Asia Pulp and Paper kicked out of the CGF!

To The Consumer Goods Forum:

The Consumer Good Forum’s continued acceptance of Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) as a CGF member, and member of the Forest Positive Coalition, displays gross negligence and a lack of effective due diligence procedures.

APP-controlled companies have a long history of violence, intimidation, demarcation of areas by force, and food-crop destruction as tactics of displacement against Indigenous peoples and traditional communities in Indonesia.

APP unsurprisingly lacks policies and procedures aligned with Indigenous rights and Free, Prior and Informed Consent best practices. APP has failed to resolve long-standing conflicts resulting from the establishment of pulp plantations without the consent of local communities.

The CGF must demonstrate zero-tolerance for violence against Human Rights Defenders by immediately revoking Asia Pulp and Paper’s CGF membership. CGF members must suspend any business with APP and its associates until an independent third-party investigation can confirm evidence of APP’s commitment to Indigenous rights, conflict resolution and improved social and environmental business practices.

The CGF must additionally redress its failure to ensure Indigenous peoples and local communities in Indonesia can freely oppose forestry or agricultural developments within CGF-member supply chains. The CGF must also commit to ending the rising tide of violence, criminalization and intimidation towards Human Right Defenders within CGF member company supply chains.

We encourage the Consumer Goods Forum to demonstrate zero-tolerance for rights violations by issuing a public response announcing a decision to revoke Asia Pulp and Paper’s membership immediately.