Tell these Insurance giants to stop insuring fossil fuel expansion

Chubb is one of the top fossil fuel insurers in the world. They claim to be a "steward of the earth," and yet they're still at risk of of covering countless climate-destroying and human rights-violating projects all over the world, from driling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to the proposed East African Crude Oil Pipeine.

The good news? This major company IS movable! And that's where you come in: 

Sign the petition below, telling Chubb (and peers AIG, Travelers, Liberty Mutual, and The Hartford) it's time to put the company's policies where its mouth is and stop insuring fossil fuel expansion now. 

Without insurance coverage, new fossil fuel projects cannot be built. Yet, major insurance companies are enabling the buildout of new oil and gas projects by providing them crucial insurance. Just a few companies, including Chubb, AIG, and Travelers, insure most of the oil and gas industry.

Chubb is one of the worst offenders on climate and human rights. It’s one of the world’s biggest insurers of oil and gas expansion. Chubb has been linked to offshore oil and gas drilling in Brazil and oil and gas exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Unlike 15 other insurers, it has refused to rule out support for the risky East African Crude Oil Pipeline. 

These and other fossil fuel projects threaten local communities’ health, water, and air and will accelerate global climate harms. We can support communities’ resistance to extractive development by targeting the companies that provide a key pillar of support: insurance.

Last year, following pressure from Indigenous communities and climate activists, Chubb committed to not insure tar sands projects like the destructive Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline in Canada. 

Now, we’re calling on Chubb and other top fossil fuel insurers to stop fueling climate chaos and enabling human rights abuses.

To Major Fossil Fuel Insurers:

As a major insurer of fossil fuel companies, we are calling on you to stop fueling the climate crisis and enabling human rights abuses. Drop insurance coverage for fossil fuel expansion and projects that do not have the consent of impacted communities.