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Conflict Palm Oil

No one wants deforestation in their kitchen. No one wants climate change in their ice cream. No one wants child labor in their child's snack food.


Palm oil is the most widely used vegetable oil on Earth. It's in roughly half of the processed food in your local grocery. Chances are, palm oil is present in some form in nearly every room of your home.

Because of this demand, palm oil is also one of the biggest threats to rainforests. And the search for cheap palm oil causes not only deforestation, but also human rights violations, massive carbon emissions, removal of Indigenous peoples from their land, child labor, forced labor — and the industry is pushing species such as the Sumatran Orangutan to the brink of the extinction. 

To fight this crisis, RAN's Conflict Palm Oil campaign has been targetting some of the biggest, most well-known snack food brands across the globe since 2007.

Find out more—and how you can get involved.

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