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Tell Pepsi: No More Excuses, End Deforestation and Exploitation Now!

For years, PepsiCo has sidestepped its massive Conflict Palm Oil problem. Time and time again, we've exposed PepsiCo for driving rainforest destruction, worker exploitation and climate pollution for the palm oil used to make its snack foods. Yet the company has failed to take the necessary actions to stop these devastating impacts. We won't let PepsiCo escape its responsibility.

That's why today activists are disrupting business as usual at PepsiCo's Manhattan office to demand the snack food giant stop deforestation and exploitation. Thanks for joining us by calling the PepsiCo office.

While activists make noise on the outside of the office, you can help get the message inside.

---PepsiCo's United States corporate phone line is open from 9:00 to 5:00 PM Eastern Time - if you're trying to leave a comment after hours, please leave your comment on PepsiCo's Facebook page or by Tweeting @PepsiCo.---

Call and leave a comment at the PepsiCo corporate switchboard at 1-800-433-2652 in the USA or Canada or find your country's PepsiCo customer service phone number at the bottom of this page.

You could say something like:

Hello, my name is ___ from _____ and I’m calling you today because PepsiCo’s continued use of Conflict Palm Oil is unacceptable.

Rainforests continue to fall and workers continue to be exploited for the palm oil in PepsiCo's products and in the operations of your notorious business partner Indofood. PepsiCo must take action to eliminate suppliers who are violating human rights and destroying rainforests.

I stand in solidarity with the activists protesting outside PepsiCo's Manhattan office today and call on PepsiCo to end deforestation and exploitation.

Thank you.

PepsiCo may tell you that it has a palm oil policy and is committed to sourcing sustainable palm oil. Its policy falls short of what is needed to stop deforestation and human rights abuses on the ground, including by exempting its notorious Indonesian partner Indofood from the policy. The company says it will stop deforestation and exploitation, but refuses to say when it will do so. PepsiCo must demonstrate that it can be trusted to provide products not connected to Conflict Palm Oil.

Please let us know how the call went using the form on the right.

Additional Numbers: 

Australia: +61 2 9951 1799
Argentina: 0800 444 5297
Belgium: 0800-20330
Chile: 800-395 176
Czech Republic: +420 266 191 444
France: 0 805 803 903
Germany: 0 61 02 749 0
Greece: 210 66 99 000
India: 1800 224 020
Mexico: 01800 901 62 00
Netherlands: 0800-737 74 26
New Zealand: +61 2 9951 1799
Poland: 801 102 060
Portugal: 808200969
Republic of Ireland: 1800 509 408
Romania: +40 372 377 100
Slovakia: +420 266 191 444
Spain: 900 164 164
Turkey: +90 216 635 4000
Ukraine: +380 44 490 5260
United Kingdom: 0800 274 777
Uruguay: 00040190829

PepsiCo Food & Beverages International: (+44) 2083324000

Tell Pepsi: No More Excuses, End Deforestation and Exploitation Now!