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PepsiCo: No loopholes for Conflict Palm Oil

Under intense international pressure over its continued use of palm oil connected to rainforest destruction, human rights abuses and massive carbon pollution, PepsiCo has released its latest policy response to reform the company’s sprawling palm oil supply chain.

But PepsiCo’s updated policy still falls short of what’s needed to adequately address deforestation and human rights abuses on the ground. Despite five years of investigative reports and massive international consumer outcry, PepsiCo has once again missed an opportunity to truly clean up its controversial palm oil supply chain.

Tell PepsiCo to aggressively eliminate Conflict Palm Oil from its supply chain and stop doing business with notorious bad actors.

Further Reading: 5 years of investigative reports document the links between PepsiCo and forest destruction, human rights abuses, and Conflict Palm Oil

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PepsiCo: No loopholes for Conflict Palm Oil

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