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Thank you for supporting elephants!

Thank you for taking action and joining us to fight for Sumatran elephants. Your generous monthly contribution will help Rainforest Action Network to continue working towards protecting the rainforest by ending habitat destruction and exploitation. Huge corporations are responsible for the daily mass destruction of the last remaining homes of Sumatran elephants for the production of Conflict Palm Oil, but, one-by-one we are stopping them. When large corporations change their policies, there is a domino effect that runs through their suppliers –– the palm oil companies responsible for pushing bulldozers into the frontlines of rainforests. By helping us to stop major players you are helping us deliver real changes on the ground. Without your support, we could not continue our work. Thank you for your generosity.

To lower our paper use, we will not mail a paper acknowledgement letter to our online donors, as all of the information you need for your taxes will be included in an email. However, if you would like, we are still happy to provide a hard-copy of a thank you letter in the mail — please email with your mailing address if you would like to be acknowledged that way or if you have any questions.