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Thank you for helping us protect Sunda pangolins!

Thank you for joining our fight against Conflict Palm Oil by making a tax-deductible donation to Rainforest Action Network. Unique species like the Sunda pangolin are fighting a battle on two fronts: against poachers and against habitat loss. By supporting our network’s campaign to put a stop to Conflict Palm Oil, you are helping the Sunda pangolin to fight back in a way they can’t and to have a better chance at survival in the wild. When we are able to convince a major snack food corporation to remove Conflict Palm Oil from its supply chain, it often pressures many smaller companies to follow suit. By helping us in our effort to move Kraft Heinz away from this destructive ingredient you are truly standing up for the Sunda pangolin, the rainforests of Indonesia, and the communities and wildlife that call this biodiverse place home. Without your support, we could not continue our work.

Here are some other ways to help pangolins!

  1. Share: pledge to teach at least 3 people about the pangolins by forwarding this email, tweeting, or by sharing your favorite pangolin picture on Facebook and Instagram.

  2. Create: make art in honor of pangolins!

  3. Like: follow social media pages of organizations (like Rainforest Action Network) that are supporting the survival of pangolins.

  4. Inform: while it seems far-fetched in this day in age, inform anyone you know that pangolin parts serve no medicinal purposes — don’t buy them or use them — it’s illegal!

  5. Alert: if you find anyone selling pangolins or pangolin parts, in foreign or domestic locations, contact the authorities immediately.

Thank you for your generosity.

To lower our paper use, we will not mail a paper acknowledgement letter to our online donors, as all of the information you need for your taxes will be included in an email. However, if you would like, we are still happy to provide a hard-copy of a thank you letter in the mail — please email with your mailing address if you would like to be acknowledged that way or if you have any questions.


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