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Pulp and Paper


When global corporations look for cheap supplies to create toilet paper, packaging, or even books and clothing, our rainforests should not pay the price.

But massive logging giants — like Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) and Asia Pacific Resources International (APRIL) — have been destroying pristine forests for pulp and paper products for too long. 

RAN put the U.S. publishing industry on notice in 2010, when we proved that children's books sold in the U.S. were printed on paper linked to Indonesian rainforest destruction. And in 2014, RAN put the fashion industry on notice when we discovered similar links to the wood pulp used in the fabric sold through some of the best clothing labels sold in the boutiques and department stores across the U.S.

Find out how people like you helped us get deforestation out of children's books — and how we can get deforestation Out of Fashion!

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