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Keep it in the Ground

Scientists agree: to stay within the global carbon budget and avoid dangerous warming, the vast majority of all proven coal, oil and gas reserves must stay in the ground and fossil fuel combustion must end by mid- to late-century.


RAN’s climate and energy finance team is working towards long-term goals of keeping global temperature change to 1.5 degrees, protecting human rights, and accelerating the decline of the most climate-destructive fossil fuel subsectors.

Even during this political moment, where fossil fuel corporations and the U.S. government are increasingly looking one and the same, we are working for tangible and necessary wins that uplift human rights and eliminate the dirtiest forms of extreme energy: tar sands, coal mining and power, and liquified natural gas.

From taking on the fossil fuel industry, to cutting off Wall Street financing for dirty energy projects, to creating a new way to think about a sustainable energy future, RAN fights alongside people directly impacted by dirty energy, challenging corporate power that place profits above people and planet.

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