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Friday, Jun 13 2014
Publisher's Weekly: Publishers Making Progress on the Environment, RAN Says
'In its first comprehensive report in four years, the Rainforest Action Network has given 10 leading children’s book publishers generally high marks for the actions...
Friday, Jun 6 2014
KPBS: Doughnut Day Downer: Palm Oil In Pastries Drives Deforestation
"On National Doughnut Day, it's hard to imagine how our love of doughnuts might be contributing to deforestation half way around the globe. But here's...
Wednesday, May 21 2014
Mongabay: PepsiCo announces zero deforestation commitment for palm oil
"The 450,000 tons of palm oil sourced annually by PepsiCo will be largely free of rainforest destruction and peatlands conversion by 2016 under a policy announced...
Saturday, May 17 2014
Mongabay: Publishing industry dramatically reduces reliance on rainforest fiber
"The world's largest publishing companies have adopted policies that significantly curtail use of paper sourced from rainforest destruction and social conflict, finds a new assessment...
Sunday, May 4 2014
Salon: Your Morning Routine is Destroying the Environment
"You may have heard this before: Palm oil is bad. Greenpeace and its allies have been condemning farmed palm’s impact on the environment for years. But did...