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RAN's Forest Program & Strategy

For many of us, rainforests are a world away from our daily lives. And yet, they are essential to our survival. Rainforests provide livelihoods for millions of local communities across the globe. They are the last home for rapidly disappearing animal life. They keep massive amounts of carbon in the ground and out of our atmosphere. Rainforests are where millions of plants and animals wait to be discovered, where future medical breakthroughs lie, and where oxygen for future generations is created. Yet they are constantly under the threat of destruction, solely for the sake of quick profit.


Since 1985, RAN has fought against the biggest global drivers of deforestation—from the palm oil trade to the publishing industry; from high fashion labels to the biggest banks in the world. Our carefully chosen and highly effective campaigns target not just corporations, but entire corporate and financial sectors: the worst of the worst culprits responsible for this environmental and human rights global crisis. And we get results.

But we don't do it alone. We depend on frontline communities, local partners and supporters from around the globe.

Find out more about our critical rainforest campaigns, the history of our work—and how you can take action today to be a part of the solution.