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Direct Support v Carbon Offsets


RAN estimates that each of our staff members is responsible for an average of 5 tons of CO2 per year for their work-related activities, including travel and resource consumption. Instead of purchasing carbon credits to offset this climate impact, RAN has calculated relevant dollar amounts for this carbon footprint, and commits these funds to empower frontline and commits these funds to empower frontline communities to keep fossil fuels in the ground where they belong.

Beginning in 2009, CAF supports thousands of local communities and activists across the globe who are the key players in directly challenging the source of climate change and getting lasting results. In their efforts to stop new carbon-emitting projects and to shut down old ones, these communities are protecting their livelihoods against polluting industries and fighting to secure a clean energy future for everyone. And your support to this program can have a huge impact — these groups are on the frontlines of efforts so stop the largest, dirtiest, and more carbon intensive industries, and many of them are volunteer-based and have very few resources.

How it Works

After years of careful tracking, RAN estimated the carbon impact of the work-related activities of our staff. This 'baseline emission' estimate is an average of 5 tons of CO2 per year for each staff person. 

RAN then contributes an equal amount to the Climate Action Fund to provide grants to activists fighting against the drivers of climate change such as the fossil fuel industry. 

You can be a part of this innovative response to climate change. By using this RAN baseline and contributing to CAF at one of the following sponsorship levels, you will help build the grassroots climate activist movement:

Bronze: $5 per ton of CO2, equivalent to the price set by low-end carbon offset schemes

Silver: $25 per ton of CO2, equivalent to the price set by mid-level carbon offset schemes

Gold: $85 per ton of CO2, based estimates by former World Bank Chief Economist, Sir Nicholas Stern. Stern holds that each ton of CO2 we emit causes $85 in social and environmental damages.

For example: If your organization employs 50 people, and you wanted to contribute at the bronze level, you would contribute $1,250 to the Climate Action Fund.

For more information about participating in this program, please contact:

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