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Thank you for joining!

Thank you for pledging to stand firm in our commitment to our mission to fight for people and planet.

We are pledging to stand true to our values, such as supporting intersectional social justice and challenging the overreach of corporate power.

We are pledging to stand up against a systematic assault on the progress we have made toward halting climate change and toward a just transition to a clean economy.

We are pledging to stand for scientific research, to stand for civil rights, to stand for racial justice, to stand for human and labor rights, and to stand with those directly impacted by global forest destruction and climate change.

We feel a great urgency to restate these commitments at this point in time, as we prepare for a new administration that is

  • openly denying climate change — such as our incoming president, who called climate change a hoax.

  • embedding the fossil fuel industry into the State Department and the Environmental Protection Agency — such as EPA nominee Scott Pruitt who, as Oklahoma Attorney General, simply signed his name to lobbying letters from energy companies.

  • filling key Cabinet and White House positions with those who openly espouse racism — such as Attorney General pick Jeff Sessions and White House aide Steve Bannon; and

  • placing corporate-interests above the public interest by nominating cabinet members such as Exxon Mobile CEO Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State.

This is where we will need your help.

As we look forward to year ahead, we anticipate many challenges — and many opportunities for all of us to stand for our values.

Thank you for pledging to stand alongside us as we fight against oppression and corruption. We'll reach out to you with opportunities to take rapid response for people and planet in 2017!

RAN always has, and always will, tell you how you can take action for rainforests and the planet, but in the unprecedented era that Trump will bring, we're also committed to going one step further.

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