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Responsible Food Systems


Everyone wants to eat healthy food for a healthy body. But how can we create healthy food systems for a healthy planet?

Currently, our industrial food systems are creating havoc with our environment. Runaway climate change, increased levels of corporate control, high levels of food waste, forest clearing, soil erosion, water scarcity and pollution are just a few of the byproducts of our current food production systems.

We are also facing the extinction of key species, the disappearance of crop diversity, and increased food insecurity and racial inequity as a result of the way we produce the majority of food today. our industrial agriculture system is driving roughly one third of today's global greenhouse gas emissions.

So how can we transform the global food system? Rainforest Action Network is exploring the intersection of agribusiness and climate change to identify where leverage exists to create large-scale systemic change. Find out more.

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