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Thank you for supporting Sumatran rhinos

Thank you for being a voice for the Sumatran rhino by giving Rainforest Action Network a charitable donation. Without your support, Rainforest Action Network would be unable to take on giant corporations that are destroying the rainforest, thousands of acres at a time. Our organization has shifted some of the most powerful corporations in the world away from using Conflict Palm Oil -- the leading driver of extinction of thousands of species in the Indonesian rainforest.  The Sumatran rhino cannot speak for itself or stop human-caused habitat destruction -- but you made the choice to speak and act for them. Thank you for your generosity and support.

To lower our paper use, we not mail a paper acknowledgement letter to our online donors, as all of the information you need for your taxes will be included in an email. However, if you would like, we are still happy to provide a hard-copy of a thank you letter in the mail — please email with your mailing address if you would like to be acknowledged that way or if you have any questions.

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