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Tell PepsiCo: Close The Loophole in Its Palm Oil Policy

Tell PepsiCo: Close The Loophole in Its Palm Oil Policy

PepsiCo’s prominent business partner, a company called the Salim Group, has been exposed for its links to the destruction of nearly 10,000 hectares of Borneo’s forests.
The forests destroyed were some of Borneo’s incredibly important peat forests: massive carbon sinks that safely store greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere. These peat forests are absolutely critical in the fight against global climate change.

In 2015, in response to public criticism, PepsiCo revised its palm oil policy but left an exemption for its joint venture partners in the Salim Group. The Salim Group makes PepsiCo snack food products in Indonesia. These latest investigations show that once again, PepsiCo continues its dirty business with destructive companies while people and the planet suffer the consequences.

Send a message to PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi and demand that PepsiCo cut ties to the destruction.

Dear Ms. Indra Nooyi,

PepsiCo’s business partner the Salim Group has been exposed for destruction of Borneo’s peat forests.

Your company must take action immediately to close the loophole in PepsiCo’s palm oil policy that enables this destruction. No excuses or half measures will suffice.

Rainforest Action Network, Rainforest Foundation Norway and SumOfUs have released a new report exposing deforestation by palm oil companies associated with PepsiCo business partner, which you can download here.

*PT Duta Rendra Mulya (PT DRM) has sent a response to report authors stating that it has a commitment to best business practices and compliance with the laws and regulations of The Republic of Indonesia. Rainforest Action Network has responded requesting for the public disclosure of relevant evidence to support such comments.

Tell PepsiCo: Close The Loophole in Its Palm Oil Policy