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Senior Climate and Energy Campaigner

Senior Climate and Energy Campaigner Job Description

Rainforest Action Network (RAN) is an environmental and human rights organization that believes individuals and communities can confront corporate power together to create the world we want and need. RAN uses nonviolent direct action, grassroots organizing, and strategic communications to challenge corporations to stop destructive operations, respect human rights, and adopt comprehensive policies to reduce their contributions to climate change. We take leadership from grassroots and Indigenous movements and are currently developing our organization-wide racial justice lens.

RAN’s Climate and Energy Program fights alongside people directly impacted by dirty energy, challenging corporate practices that place profits above people and the planet. In the 21st century, we should not be using deadly and outdated technology to power our communities. We are currently tackling the world’s dirtiest fossil fuels, coal and oil, and the leading banks that make their expansion possible, to address the root causes of climate change

But the path forward is not only about stopping the worst impacts of climate change. It is also about envisioning and planning for the future that we want to live in. The fossil fuel industry and their political allies are pushing us towards climate catastrophe. RAN believes that people acting together can change this, as we have seen time and again throughout history. That is why RAN has developed a new project to seek out and amplify new ideas from communities across the country. Collectively we intend to Change the Course of how we think about, and respond to, climate change in the coming decades.

Position Summary:

RAN is looking for a motivated, passionate and hard-working Senior Campaigner to support the Climate and Energy Program. In this position you will use your high level of professionalism, mastery of project management, savvy negotiating skills, and smart strategic coordination to accelerate a global transition to truly clean energy production.  Whether in a boardroom with a corporate contact, on the phone with frontline community allies in Appalachia, or in a team meeting, the ideal candidate will enjoy interacting with people on a variety of levels while remaining flexible, proactive, resourceful and efficient.  

This position is full-time, salary with excellent benefits and reports directly to the Climate and Energy Program Director.  This position is based in RAN’s San Francisco office. 

Specific Duties:

  • Design and implement campaign strategies that support a just energy transition away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy;
  • Develop and maintain an active network with potential and established allied groups, impacted and Indigenous communities and move collaborative work forward;
  • Work with the Program Director and Campaign team to lead direct communications and negotiations with corporate and government campaign targets;
  • Project manage inter-departmental pushes on the Climate and Energy Campaign;
  • Implement agreed-upon campaign activities that expose destructive practices and build toward creative solutions;
  • Develop a working knowledge of climate and energy; as well as political, economic and human rights issues that relate to the Program;
  • Conduct, direct or support research to be used for crafting campaign strategy or for specific campaign goals and activities;
  • Coordinate and manage logistical arrangements for various campaign activities, including information gathering and facilitation, physical trips for the project team and key stakeholders.
  • In conjunction with the Communications and Digital teams, design, create and use a range of communications tools (direct actions, direct communication, traditional and social media, briefing sheets, and other tools) to communicate with target audiences and to achieve campaign objectives;
  • Draft compelling communications and advocacy materials, including email and social media content;
  • Represent RAN at conferences as well as act as a public spokesperson for RAN in the media;
  • Prepare substantive briefings and updates to inform staff, media and stakeholders on specific campaign issues, progress and outcomes.
  • Recruit and supervise contractors, interns and volunteers;
  • Work with the Program Director and Development department on foundation proposals and reports;
  • Support other aspects of RAN’s work (e.g. helping during major fundraising events, grassroots trainings, or campaigns priorities as requested by PD);
  • Work openly and cooperatively within a high functioning team dynamic;
  • Participate in weekly RAN staff meetings;
  • Report weekly to the Program Director on accomplishments and plans of action;
  • Share office responsibilities to maintain a healthy and safe workplace. 

Required Qualifications:

  • A minimum of six years experience with corporate, justice-related or environmental campaigning;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English;
  • Strong interpersonal skills;
  • Strong organizational, time management and project management skills,
  • Ability to work to tight deadlines;
  • Proven ability to design and implement campaign strategies;
  • Experience leading high level corporate negotiations;
  • Knowledge and commitment to advancing racial justice;
  • Passionate commitment to climate protection, human rights and/or corporate campaigning;
  • Understanding of the roles that science, politics, economics, industry, media and social change play in campaigning;
  • Specific expertise in one or more, and ability to become skilled in the following key campaign strategies: use of direct action; public communication and engagement activities; political and corporate work; use of traditional and new media; collaboration and co-campaign creation with a network of grassroots allies; use of science and the law in campaigning;
  • Understanding of non-violent direct action as both a strategy and a tactic;
  • Highly organized, ability to multi-task and work in a fast-paced campaigning environment;
  • Solid computer skills (MS Office-literate);
  • Additional language skills from regions in which we work are a plus, including but not limited to Spanish.

RAN is committed to advancing equity and justice, educates staff on issues including privilege and oppression, and integrates these values into our work. We are in the process of building out our racial justice lens and are seeking candidates who have a commitment to engage in this process and work with us to create a just and inclusive work environment and world. RAN provides all people with equal employment and volunteer opportunities. We encourage applicants of color to apply for this position.

To apply: Please send resume and letter of interest to: HR, Rainforest Action Network, 425 Bush Street, Suite 300, SF, CA 94108, fax 415.398.2732, or e-mail: No phone calls, please. 

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