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Speak up for orangutans and against rainforest destruction!


Millions of acres of rainforest in Indonesia are destroyed each year for the production of Conflict Palm Oil. Snack food giant PepsiCo uses an immense amount of Conflict Palm Oil and is driving this destruction. As more and more of its forest habitat is lost, the orangutan is being driven closer to extinction in the wild.  Your voice can stop the destruction caused by PepsiCo and save the orangutan!

We have convinced more than a dozen of the world’s biggest snack food corporations to adopt responsible palm oil sourcing policies that ensure the palm oil they use is not destroying the orangutan’s home. With your voice, we can continue to pressure PepsiCo to do the same.

Join us, today, in demanding that PepsiCo clean up its supply chain by putting an end to the use of Conflict Palm Oil in its products. When orangutans are gone, they’re gone forever. We must fight for the orangutan!


Dear Ms. Indra Nooyi (PepsiCo, CEO),

PepsiCo’s use of Conflict Palm Oil to make chips and chewy granola bars is driving orangutans to the brink of extinction in the wild. Production of Conflict Palm Oil is destroying the orangutan’s rainforest home and fragmenting their populations. Without large, healthy areas of forest, the orangutan as a species cannot survive. I’m appealing to you to lead your company on a new path — one that will urgently address the destruction of Indonesia’s rainforests. Thousands of people across the world have demanded that PepsiCo cease its use of Conflict Palm Oil, but, over the last two years, PepsiCo has failed over and over again to take meaningful action. The time for delays is over. PepsiCo must discontinue the use of Conflict Palm Oil in its products now.

I urge you and PepsiCo to address this critical issue, for the survival of orangutans.

Speak up for orangutans and against rainforest destruction!