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MONDAY, JULY 21, 2008

Sticking It- Literally- to Palm Oil

The Rainforest Ag interns—the stupendous Peter, Aja, and Kate— and I took it to the supermarkets last week in the trial run for our August 13th Stick it To Palm Oil Day of Action.

Here’s what happened:

1) (from left to right) Kate, Aja, and Peter (and I) hit the streets with our "WARNING: Product May Contain Rainforest Destruction" stickers:

2) We found a Safeway, rife with palm oil products.

3) And found a lot of products with palm oil, ready to be stickered. The labels looked exactly like the official warning labels they are:

4) And left the products to unknowing consumers to buy, take home, and learn about palm oil:

It couldn’t have been easier. No problems at the supermarket, and now everyone who buys one of those products with the label will be able to check, learn more about rainforest destruction for palm oil, and take action against ADM, Bunge, and Cargill.

Plus, we put pressure on the many companies who use palm oil in their products, making it clear that, as consumers, we won’t put up with products that contain rainforest destruction, and are willing to take action to stop it.

Don’t forget… Sign up to participate in the Stick It to Palm Oil Day of Action on August 13th! Click here to get your stickering toolkit!

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