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Call on MUFG to stop funding climate change.

In spite of adopting social and environmental safeguards into its financing policies, Japan's largest bank, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), has been bankrolling climate change with billions of dollars in financing for rainforest destruction, tar sands pipelines, and coal power around the world.

MUFG has a lot to answer for.

Let MUFG know that the world is watching them and that it is time they finished what they began, craft a truly impactful policy that protects people and planet, and end the bad business deals that threaten our future.

MUFG, your bank is linked to rainforest destruction, worker exploitation, and human rights violations through your relationship with palm oil companies like Indofood; you remain a top-five financier of coal power globally; and you continue to fund Enbridge, Energy Transfer Partners, and TransCanada, the companies behind the climate-destroying tar sands and other oil pipelines Line 3, Bayou Bridge, and Keystone XL. We global citizens call on you to strengthen your financing policy to protect the climate and respect human rights, to do the due diligence required to verify whether the companies you finance are upholding your bank's values and commitments, and to halt relationships with those that are undermining our sustainable future.

Call on MUFG to stop funding climate change.