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Tale of a Thousand Sleuths

[caption id="attachment_9191" align="alignleft" width="256" caption="RAN Interns Sleuthing Around... Shhh!"]RAN Interns Sleuthing Around... Shhh![/caption] Fellow detectives and friends, it’s not every day you get to bust out your magnifying glass and scope out your local bookstore, but next week that is what over a thousand sleuths around the world will be doing. What are these sleuths snooping out exactly? Rainforest-safe books! In honor of World Rainforest Week, over a thousand sleuths will be heading to bookstores around the country to research the recycled, post-consumer recycled and FSC-certified paper content of some of the most popular titles on bookstore shelves. [caption id="attachment_9193" align="alignright" width="157" caption="Can You Spot Tiki?"][/caption] When rainforest-safe books (or books of paper made of destroyed rainforests) are detected, these sleuths will be uploading their findings into a rainforest-safe database. You -and booklovers everywhere- will able to use this database as a consumer guide so that you can choose books that are rainforest-safe. Now that’s something worth scoping out. Want to sign up to be one of over a thousand of sleuths around the world? You can download a PDF packet and starting sleuthing today!

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