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Tell Cargill to Eliminate Conflict Palm Oil

Cargill is buying palm oil from notorious Conflict Palm Oil producer Kuala Lumpur Kepong (KLK), which is engaged in everything from destruction of pristine rainforests to child labor and the theft of Indigenous peoples’ lands.

For years, Cargill has continued to sell Conflict Palm Oil, like the palm oil it gets from KLK, to consumer brand companies. Moreover, Cargill refuses to take action to clean up its global supply chains. Now the company is lagging behind other traders that have realized that business as usual is no longer tenable.

Send a letter to Cargill’s new CEO David MacLennan telling him it’s time for change: It’s time for Cargill to cut Conflict Palm Oil from its global operations and adopt a truly responsible palm oil sourcing policy.


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Tell Cargill to Eliminate Conflict Palm Oil