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Tell PepsiCo to Take the Conflict Palm Oil Challenge

In 2013, we launched the campaign to cut Conflict Palm Oil from America’s snack foods. The good news is that with your help we are achieving real changes from many major companies, proving that not only is it possible for companies to change, but that people-powered pressure works to bring this change about.

The damage caused by Conflict Palm Oil is tremendous. Deforestation to make way for palm oil plantations threatens unique and priceless areas like the Leuser Ecosystem in Indonesia. It threatens species like the Sumatran rhino, orangutans, and sun bears. The impact on communities who are forced off their land or pushed into forced and child labor is simply unacceptable.

Despite the last year’s progress, there are still some critical companies that are refusing to take action to address their Conflict Palm Oil problem. One of the worst offenders in the Conflict Palm Oil world - who is also one of biggest makers of popular kid’s snacks - won’t even acknowledge the destruction it's causing.

PepsiCo is a major Conflict Palm Oil laggard, dragging its feet, refusing to admit it even has a problem. With a whopping 457,200 metric tons of palm oil used annually in snacks like Quaker Chewy Granola Bars, Cheetos and Lay's potato chips, PepsiCo has a huge impact on the planet, the forests, and the people and animals which call them home. 

Send your message here: Tell PepsiCo you won't have deforestation, extinction, or slavery in your home.


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