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Thank you for telling bank CEOs to stop Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain Pipeline

Thank you for telling bank CEOs to defund Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion. We need to show these CEOs that there’s a public outcry. Can you share this action with your network?

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Thanks for all that you do!

I just emailed bank CEOs to tell them to defund Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain oil pipeline expansion. The expansion would be a disaster for Indigenous rights and the environment.

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More than 120 First Nations and Tribes comprising the Treaty Alliance Against Tar Sands Expansion oppose Kinder Morgan’s pipeline expansion. And the tar sands oil that this pipeline would be pumping is one of the most carbon intensive fossil fuels on the planet.

Studies show that the Trans Mountain expansion would add 8.8 metric tons of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere a year — making catastrophic climate change more of a reality every day. The existing Trans Mountain Pipeline already has a disgraceful track record — 82 leak incidents, including four major oil spills.

Over 20 Indigenous and environmental groups warned banks not to fund this expansion, but instead of doing the right thing for people and planet, 23 banks poured another $5 billion Canadian into the project.

Join me and email the CEOs of these banks to tell them to stop financing Kinder Morgan’s pipeline and all tar sands projects.

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