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Thank you for taking action in 2014 and committing to making 2015 even bigger!

Thank you so much for your generous donation!

As we come to the end of one year and the beginning of another, I feel proud of the work you and I have done and incredibly hopeful about what we can accomplish in the coming months.

I know we can take on the biggest, most well-funded polluters and exploiters in the world – and win. We can stand up to corporations like nobody else because we have courageous, generous people like you standing at our side.

Please spread the word to make 2015 another year of action-- send the note below via email or through Facebook:

Nobody in the world fights for the environment like Rainforest Action Network. They're tough, they're tenacious, and they're not afraid to take on big corporations. I just made a gift today to RAN to help them build a powerful movement to fight climate change and protect the planet's remaining rainforests — will you do the same?

Or you can use your Twitter account.

Again thank you!

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